Return policy

In accordance with the Law on consumer protection and to ensure the correct procedures for handling complaints by employees of Vasca, s.r.o., operating under Hotel pod Lipou****, herein is given the return policy which is used to duly inform the consumer about the scope, conditions and procedures for exercising of the right of liability for defective products and services, including information about where a complaint can be made.


Article 1

The right to return defective goods and services

If the hotel guest (Slovak and foreign national) finds that sold food, beverages, merchandise, provided accommodation and other services have flaws, the guest is entitled to make a claim.
Concerning defects in meals and drinks meant for immediate consumption immediately prior to consumption, a claim can be made to the staff, or to the employee in charge of hotel services on duty at the time. Claims can be made relating to defects in accommodation services without delay to the receptionist or directly to the employee in charge of hotel services on duty at the time. This right expires if a claim has not been made within 6 months of the defective service.


Article 2

Responsibilities of the hotel

If the guest makes a claim based on the law of liability for defective services or goods, employees of the hotel are obliged to decide on the claim immediately, as referred to in Article 1. If it is not possible to settle the claim immediately or consider it to be unfounded, they are required to prepare a report on the claim to the Complaints ticket stating the exact designation of service and the time when it was provided and when the defect was found. The record is submitted to the director of the hotel, who will decide on the complaint within three working days. This period does not include the time needed for expert assessment of the defect. Settlement of a claim shall not take longer than 30 days from the date of its submission. A member of staff referred to in Article 1, who receives a claim of defective goods or services, is obliged to provide proof of the claim and the means of its resolution to the guest, even if the claim is not accepted on the spot and to its full extent.


Article 3
Cooperation of the guest in dealing with guests claims

Guests must provide the hotel staff with their full cooperation, which is required for settlement of the claim (submission of information, documents and so on.). If required by the nature of things, the guest must allow the responsible employee of the hotel access to the premises, which had been rented for accommodation in order to ascertain the eligibility of a claim. In case the claim concerns a guest of an organised group, cooperation in dealing with claim can provided by the group’s guide.


Article 4
Handling of claims

A) Catering Services
In regard to catering services, the guest can request a free, proper and timely removal of defects, if the proper quality, weight, and temperature of food was not observed. Claims on the grounds of quality and temperature of food and beverages must be made immediately after the start of consumption. Claims on the grounds of weight and amount of food and drinks must be made by guests before the start of consumption.
B) Accommodation services
In regards to accommodation services, the guest has the right to request a free, proper and timely removal of defects, namely:
exchange of defective, or the addition of small room equipment in accordance with current regulations,
or if it is not possible to remove the defect of a technical nature in the rented  room and it is not possible to provide alternative accommodation to the guest and if in agreement with the guest, the room will be rented to the guest despite the claim, the guest has the right to:
a reasonable discount on the room price at the discretion of the responsible employee of the hotel, up to the amount of 30% (depending on the nature of defects), or cancellation of the temporary accommodation before using the room and to a refund, if the room has already been paid.
In case of the result of a unilateral decision, there is a substantial change in accommodation in opposition to the confirmed accommodation or contract and the guest does not agree with the alternative accommodation, the guest is also entitled to cancel the contract before their overnight stay and refund.
C) Other services
Other services are defined as services such as congress services, wellness services and other additional services. Provision of services, the responsibility for the services and the right of liability for defects of the service are governed by the Civil Code, the Commercial Law and other laws.


Article 5
Compensation for inevitable expenses

The guest is entitled to reimbursement for inevitable expenses incurred in connection with the exercise of the right of liability for defects. This right must be exercised no later than one month after the period during which the right from liability for defects is applied. Otherwise the right expires.
Article 6
Final provisions

Return policy is valid from today, effective from 02.08.2016.

Modra, 7.2.2016.

Ing. Igor Gondár
hotel manager

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