Terms and conditions of the Club program

  1. Anyone can become a member of the Club as long as they have a permanent address in the city of Modra or adjacent towns, or they have a recreational property in the recreational zone of Harmónia, Zochova chata, Piesok and have drawn the hotel’s services at the minimum cost of 50 €. Another way to become a member of the Club is, if you’re a guest, who has drawn the hotel’s services at a minimum of 500 € (the minimum amount rendered by the time the application form is filled. In case the amount does not come from a hotel stay, invoices are required. This is the minimum sum of accommodation orders, catering a additional services, not company stays or reservations, or orders made through intermediaries and travel agencies).
  2. The applicant shall complete the membership form at the reception desk, based on which the applicant will receive a club card in their name, which also contains a unique number. On the basis of the Club membership, the holder is entitled to the use of certain benefits. For newlyweds, 1 card is issued for 2 persons, corporate clients receive 1 card for the contact person for that company and is valid only if that contact person has, prior to applying for the Club card, ordered services at the hotel in the same name.
  3. An applicant that meets the conditions for issuing the Club card can hold only one Club card. The card is issued for an indefinite period. In the event of cancellation of membership, it is the member’s responsibility to request such cancellation via email or by personally returning the card. Loss of the card must be reported.
  4. To the applicants who meet the conditions for issuing a Club card have the Club card delivered:
    a) in person during their stay in the hotel at the duly and fully completed form,
    b) by post, based on an electronic application form, whilst the hotel employee verifies the information provided before issuing the Club card.
  5. For each order of service, the cardholder is obliged to state the unique Club card number and their name, and during personal visit, is required to show the card before ordering a service, otherwise any applicable discounts and benefits will not be provided.
  6. The Club card is issued under a name (i.e. in case of newlyweds, per couple), is not transferable and is valid only with when accompanied by an ID card or other proof of identity (passport, driver's license, insurance card). The hotel employee is entitled to refuse to provide discounts or free services, if there is a reasonable suspicion, that the holder’s orders are not intended for their personal consumption. The Club card is applicable solely for a stay that is not organised and/or paid by the travel agency, employer or other company or intermediary.
  7. Loyalty discounts resulting from ownership of the Club card cannot be cumulated with other types of discounts, unless stated otherwise.
  8. The operator of the database in which personal information of all registered cardholders of the Club cards are stored is Vasco, s.r.o., Gorazdova 34, 811 04 Bratislava, registered in the Commercial Register in Bratislava 1, Sec. Sro, file no. 54647/B. Completing a form gives the operator the applicants consent to the processing of personal data for commercial and marketing purposes of the operator and consent to receive news, offers and promotions by e-mail to that email address. The operator commits to use personal data of cardholders only for their own use and not provide them to third parties.
  9. The operator is entitled to unilaterally amend the provisions of the conditions of the loyalty program. Changes to the terms of the loyalty program will take effect on the date of their publication at
  10. The operator is entitled to terminate the loyalty program at any time, without any legal claim to exhaust discounts, free services, or for any monetary or non-monetary demands made by cardholders.
  11. These terms and conditions of the loyalty program Hotel pod Lipou Club take effect on 1.9.2016.

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